Our History and Culture

Our Company

AHG, Inc is a privately owned corporation registered in the State of Delaware, United States of America. Afghanistan Holding Group and its affiliates are subsidiaries of the U.S. corporation registered in Kabul, Afghanistan. AHG is comprised of separate divisions providing inter-related professional business services including taxation, accounting, monitoring and evaluation, technology, compliance and research. AHG employs over 200 full-time highly qualified Afghans, calling on an additional pool of 800 short-term consultants across all 34 provinces. We strive to serve our clients with the highest levels of efficiency, integrity, and accountability.

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Our vision

is to create a transparent, dynamic, sustainable service economy in Afghanistan, while being socially responsible.

Our mission is clear

  • Pay no bribes and take no bribes.
  • Fearlessly pursue quality.
  • Thrive on individual and team excellence.



Afghanistan Holding Group abides by following values, which guide what we do and how we treat our clients and each other. We believe that operating according to these core values will make Afghanistan a better place for everyone.
Excellence means to be the best at what we do. We strive to do everything outstandingly. If it is worth doing, it is worth doing excellently.
INNOVATION AND AGILITY aare essential for succeeding in a constantly changing environment. We believe that our most significant contribution to Afghanistan is to develop creative, socially responsive, and technically sound solutions to the many challenges that Afghanistan faces. We strive to understand changes and challenges in the environment as they occur; we develop our solutions according to each unique situation and continuously evaluate our approach to see where we can improve.
Wisdom is the ability to make correct judgments, act as one should do, and to accomplish what is necessary, at the right time and the right place. Working with wisdom means that one is neither naïve, foolish, nor manipulative. We strive to base all our dealings, and develop all our solutions, on sound knowledge.
Respect means to uphold others’ rights, value their feelings, admire their qualities and be mindful of their needs. AHG operations are based on respect of the laws and culture of Islam, Afghanistan, and our clients. Our interactions are governed by respect for all.
Courage and Integrity is the ability to act according to one’s beliefs and conviction despite danger or disapproval. Integrity means not shading the truth, hiding the truth, or manufacturing facts to look good. At AHG, we require courage and integrity from all staff and affiliates and strive to provide an enabling environment where these virtues are rewarded.

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