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GSA Terms and Conditions







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September 12, 2018 – September 11, 2023



Building 21, MRRD Street, Darulaman

District 6, Kabul, 1004


(P) +93 796-000-111

(F) +1 801-289-4991


Contractor’s Administration Source:

Sanzar Kakar

+971 555-106-622


General Services Administration

Management Services Center Acquisition Division

Business Size: Other than Small Business

DUNS: 557732817

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1a. Table of awarded special item number(s) with appropriate cross-reference to item descriptions and awarded price(s):

520: Financial and Business Solutions (FABS)

SIN 520 15: Outsourcing Recurring Commercial Activities for Financial Management Services

-Services that an agency identifies as recurring commercial activities which may include billing, payroll processing, application processing, claim processing, grant application management, loan application management, inventory management, and other financial management activities.

874: Mission Oriented Business Integrated Services

SIN 874-1: Integrated Consulting Services

– Contractors shall provide expert advice and assistance in support of an agency’s

mission-oriented business functions. Services covered by this SIN include: Management

or strategy consulting, including research, evaluations, studies, analyses,

scenarios/simulations, reports, business policy and regulation development assistance

and strategy formulation * Facilitation and related decision support services * Survey

services, using a variety of methodologies, including survey planning, design, and

development; survey administration; data validation and analysis; reporting, and

stakeholder briefings *Advisory and assistance services in accordance with FAR 37.203

NOTE: Consulting services where the preponderance of work is specifically covered

under other PSS SINS or GSA Schedules are not permitted under this SIN. NOTE:

Legal, consulting, and audit services pertaining to financial matters are not covered

under this SIN. Refer to 520 SINs. Consulting services relating to public relations are not

covered under this SIN. Refer to SIN 541-2, Public Relations Services.


SIN 874-4: Training Services

Instructor Led Training, Web Based Training and Education Courses, Course

Development and Test Administration, Learning Management, Internships – Proposed

courses shall be commercially-available off-the-shelf training and/or educational courses

that are delivered via an Instructor-led (i.e. traditional classroom setting or

conference/seminar) and/or web-based (i.e. Internet/Intranet, software packages and

computer applications) system. Courses shall have a defined course title, length of time

(i.e. hours, days, semesters, etc.), description of material to be taught (i.e. syllabi, table

of contents, etc.), and whether materials are included in the price. (i.e. books,

pamphlets, software, etc.). Support materials not included may be offered under SIN 1003.


Proposed professional services shall be in support of planning, creating, and/or

executing testing and test administration, learning management, internship, or

development of new courses or subject matter delivered via an instructor-led (i.e.

traditional classroom setting or conference/seminar) and/or web-based (i.e.

Internet/Intranet, software packages and computer applications) system. Proposed

customization services are the result of planning, creating, and/or executing a

proprietary format and may be priced as a flat rate or as Labor/hours using professional

labor categories (i.e. Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), Program Managers, Project

Managers, Research Assistant, Technical Specialist, etc.), subject matter(s), Systems

requirements and methodology(ies) to be used should be stated. Acquisition training will

be accomplished under SIN 874-8. Functional industry-specific training covered under

other schedules will not be accomplished under this SIN.

A customized course(s) shall include labor categories (i.e. Subject Matter Experts

(SMEs), Program Managers, Project Managers, Research Assistant, Technical

Specialist, etc.), subject matter(s), and methodology(ies) to be used.


1b. Identification of the lowest priced model number and lowest unit price for that model for each special item number awarded in the contract.  

See attached Proposed Pricelist.


  1. Maximum order:  



*If the “best value” selection places your order over this Maximum Order identified in this catalog/pricelist, you have an opportunity to obtain a better schedule contract price.  Before placing your order, contact the aforementioned contractor for a better price. The contractor may (1) offer a new price for this requirement; (2) offer the lowest price available under this contract; or (3) decline the order.  A delivery order that exceeds the maximum order may be placed under the Schedule contract in accordance with FAR 8.404.

  1. Minimum order:


  1. Geographic coverage (delivery area):

Overseas only; Non US

  1. Point(s) of production:

Same as company address

  1. Discount from list prices or statement of net price:

Net GSA pricing is listed in the attached pricing table

  1. Quantity discounts:

An additional 3.0% volume discount for single task orders at or above the Simplified Acquisition Threshold (SAT).

  1. Prompt payment terms:

0%, Net 30 Days

9a. Government purchase cards are accepted at or below the micro-purchase threshold.

9b. Government purchase cards are NOT accepted above the micro-purchase threshold.


  1. Foreign items (list items by country of origin): NOT APPLICABLE


11a. Time of delivery.

Determined at the Task Order Level


11b. Expedited Delivery.

Determined at the Task Order Level

11c. Overnight and 2-day delivery.

Determined at the Task Order Level

11d. Urgent Requirements.

Customers are encouraged to contact the contractor for the purpose of requesting accelerated delivery

  1. F.O.B. point.  


13a. Ordering address.


Building 21, MRRD Street, Darulaman, District 6

Kabul 1004, Afghanistan

(P) +971 555-106-622

(F) +1 801-289-4991


13b. Ordering procedures:  Ordering activities shall use the ordering procedures described in Federal Acquisition Regulations 8.405 when placing an order or establishing a BPA for supplies or services.  The ordering procedures, information on Blanket Purchase Agreements (BPA’s) and a sample BPA can also be found at the GSA/FSS Schedule Homepage (

  1. Payment address.


340 S Lemon Ave 6633

Walnut, CA 91789

(P) +1 703-596-0111

(F) +1 801-289-4991


  1. Warranty provision.


  1. Export packing charges, if applicable.


  1. Terms and conditions of Government purchase card acceptance (any thresholds above the micro-purchase level).


  1. Terms and conditions of rental, maintenance, and repair (if applicable).


  1. Terms and conditions of installation (if applicable).


  1. Terms and conditions of repair parts indicating date of parts price lists and any discounts from list prices (if applicable).


20a. Terms and conditions for any other services (if applicable).


  1. List of service and distribution points (if applicable).


  1. List of participating dealers (if applicable).


  1. Preventive maintenance (if applicable).


24a. Special attributes such as environmental attributes (e.g., recycled content, energy efficiency, and/or reduced pollutants).


24b. If applicable, indicate that Section 508 compliance information is available on Electronic and Information Technology (EIT) supplies and services and show where full details can be found (e.g. contractor’s website or other location.)  The EIT standards can be found at:


  1. Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number:  



  1. Notification regarding registration in System for Award Management (SAM) database:

Active, NCAGE Code: SGL95




SIN 874-1 Integrated Consulting Services


Research Director

Minimum Education: PhD

Minimum Years of Experience: 12 years of experience

Functional Responsibilities: Coordinates development of complex research goals. Determines the resources and staff needs and prioritizes tasks for the most efficient use of resources. Monitors the work output of junior staff, assists with quality control of work and assumes final accountability for department performance. Defines and refines survey content. Develops research design and preferred data collection methodology. In charge of strategic planning and performance measurement. Directs all research activities, including program development design, launch and maintenance. Assesses reliability and validity of data. Provides summary and analysis of survey results through associated graphs, charts, and tables as required by clients.


Research Associate

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

Minimum Years of Experience: 6 years of experience

Functional Responsibilities: Provides day-to-day coordination for research projects and programs under the direction of senior staff. Collaborates with senior staff on management of small research projects, including research design, budgets, and scheduling of projects. Activities and expertise include data collection, research data management, analysis, and synthesis. Responsible for assisting senior staff in the execution of their research duties, including but not limited to, questionnaire development, launch and maintenance. Responsibilities include preparing reports related to the project requirements.


Project Manager

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

Minimum Years of Experience: 4 years of experience

Functional Responsibilities: Performs day-to-day management of project support operations, possibly involving multiple tasks and groups of personnel at multiple locations, on a single project. Leads and directs cross-functional teams to deliver projects within the constraints of schedule, budget and resources. Organizes, directs, and coordinates the planning and production of all support activities. Determines staffing needs for the project. Responsible for project planning, project financials, and staff direction and oversight. Communicates with all project team members, managers, and customers to ensure successful completion of project objectives and deliverables on time and within budget. Establishes and enforces procedures to assure all tasks are performed in accordance with applicable standards, quality requirements, estimated costs, and schedules.


SIN 874-4 Training Services


Minimum Education: PhD

Minimum Years of Experience: 12 years of experience

Functional Responsibilities: Has a thorough understanding of the client’s industry and an extensive tool set of skills to solve the client’s problems. Provides industry insight, issue resolution, employs proven problem solving techniques and directs critical decision making. Assures the use of best practices and provision of high quality service. Primary responsibilities include monitoring of risk, identifying potential issues, and designing a high-level strategy to address them. Serves as an advisor, providing members of the project team and the client organization a level of quality review to help guide the project to remain on schedule and within budget. Proficient in reviewing strategic plans and business strategies and design, organizational and infrastructure designs, and project deliverables to maintain a standard of consistency and quality throughout a projects life cycle.


Senior Trainer

Minimum Education: Master’s degree

Minimum Years of Experience: 8 years of experience

Functional Responsibilities: Directs and oversees training in specialized content areas offered in formal and non-formal educational settings, including concepts and definitions of curriculum and instruction. Leads instructional development process, focusing on design issues, clarification of learning tasks, selection of instructional strategies and tactics, and construction of prototype materials. Demonstrated experience and ability to develop, plan, and provide training materials and end user training on a wide variety of subjects. Conducts the research necessary to develop and revise training courses and prepares appropriate training catalogs. May serve in advisory role, consulting with upper management to assist in development and oversight of appropriate training policy and strategies. Provides daily supervision and direction to training staff.


Project Coordinator

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

Minimum Years of Experience: 4 years of experience

Functional Responsibilities: Coordinates project meetings, logistics, and supports material preparation. Supports implementation of project strategies with guidance from more experienced staff. Maintains deliverable schedules. Updates project management team on project status, deadlines and budgets. Implements and maintains timely project processes and procedures. Schedules meetings, produces collateral for presentations and conducts research. Facilitates communication among project personnel. Prepares meeting agendas and minutes and reports.\



Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

Minimum Years of Experience: 1 year of experience

Functional Responsibilities: Responsibilities include performing various tasks in the development of training materials, tailoring of training classes and the delivery of off-the-shelf and customized training classes. Conducts research necessary to develop and revise training courses. Develops all instructor and student materials to include course outline, background material, and training aids, course manuals, workbooks, handouts, completion certificates, and course critique forms. Provides support to senior trainers. Identifies critical training and educational topics, develops and manages timely responses to all identified training needs, ensures a high standard of training and facilitation, and maintains accurate records of training and certification.


SIN 520-15 Outsourcing Recurring Activities for Financial Management Services


Financial Director

Minimum Education: Master’s degree

Minimum Years of Experience: 8 years of experience

Functional Responsibilities: Manages all aspects of finances and accounting. Has oversight for general accounting, project accounting, internal auditing, cost accounting, tax audit and budgetary controls of contracted projects. Responsible for financial policies and accounting practices, the management of financial interns, analysts and associates and the preparation of financial reports and taxation obligations. Holds extensive knowledge in financial management best practices, and applies these on client projects. Ensures that the necessary financial skills are available to the client. Has overall responsibility for implementing strategies for fraud and corruption control and compliance with audit requirements. Manages and leads the Finance Team in the implementation of their responsibilities. Develops financial objectives for client. Directs the completion of projects within estimated time frames and budget constraints. Responsible to plan, organize, execute, control, and perform project work efforts to meet contract requirements.


Financial Associate

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

Minimum Years of Experience: 4 years of experience

Functional Responsibilities: Ensures the effectiveness of the finance and procurement functions in client organizations. This includes responsibility for general accounting, program accounting, auditing, fraud control, cost accounting, budgetary control and reporting and ensuring effective procurement practices; identifying quality, efficient and cost-effective suppliers. Monitors the financial performance of project. Conduct reviews and audits as required. Designs and develops appropriate financial management reports. Assist in the management of financial compliance. Reviews and supports the development of financial management procedures and processes. Manages banking and payroll. Establishes sound working relationships with internal and external clients on all financial management matters.


Financial Analyst

Minimum Education: Bachelor’s degree

Minimum Years of Experience: 1 year of experience

Functional Responsibilities: Defines problems and analyzes and develops plans and requirements for simple to moderately-complex projects. Coordinates and manages the preparation of analysis, evaluations, and recommendations for proper implementation of programs and systems specifications in the areas of risk management, program management, policy development, methodologies, and modeling and simulation in the functional area being addressed.

The following experience and educational equivalency table applies for the outlined labor categories:



Afghanistan Holding Group

GSA Contract Pricing



SIN Labor Category GSA Rate
874-1 Research Director $398.99
874-1 Research Associate $149.62
874-1 Project Manager $99.75
874-4 Partner $398.99
874-4 Senior Trainer $199.50
874-4 Project Coordinator $99.75
874-4 Trainer $49.87
520-15 Financial Director $398.99
520-15 Financial Manager $199.50
520-15 Financial Associate $99.75
520-15 Financial Analyst $49.87


Service Contract Act: The Service Contract Act (SCA) is applicable to this contract as it applies to the entire Professional Services Schedule (PSS) Schedule and all services provided. While no specific labor categories have been identified as being subject to SCA due to exemptions for professional employees (FAR 22.1101, 22.1102 and 29 CRF 541.300), this contract still maintains the provisions and protections for SCA eligible labor categories. If and / or when the contractor adds SCA labor categories / employees to the contract through the modification process, the contractor must inform the Contracting Officer and establish a SCA matrix identifying the GSA labor category titles, the occupational code, SCA labor category titles and the applicable WD number. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the contract.


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