ZINZIR is an AHG venture that primarily focuses on blockchain technologies and mobile applications development. Zamanat is the first product under this venture that is built based on the blockchain technology.
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Zamanat – Rides and Safety

Zamanat is an encrypted ride-hailing and personal safety app that protects your privacy. Unlike other ride-hailing services, Zamanat uses end-to-end encryption to keep the communication between the users and drivers private. End-to-end encryption makes it almost impossible for a third party or even the Zamanat’s service provider to gain access to the users’ travel data. With Zamanat, the users have the full authority to choose who can track their location. The users can allow friends and family to track them regardless of hailing a ride to have a companion on their side.

Zamanat uses a blockchain based user authentication. The cryptography based security system on the distributed network of blockchain makes the users’ credentials secure and tamper-proof.
With Zamanat we have also introduced Zamanat Token (ZMT). ZMT is an Ethereum based cryptocurrency token that can be used as a payment method on Zamanat. Additionally, Zamanat accepts other methods of payment such as PayPal and Credit Cards.


For more information, please visit our website www.zamanat.net






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