Internet Services


AfghaNet strives to provide the most reliable and highest speed internet service to you anywhere in Afghanistan. AfghaNet owns a state-of-the-art data center with a direct fiber optic connection on Afghanistan’s internet ring backbone. AfghaNet strives to provide 100% uptime and no downtime by utilizing multiple redundant internet links, automated load balancing and 24-hour monitoring. AfghaNet’s dedicated customer service center will assign a qualified account manager as a singular point of contact for you.
All AfghaNet equipment is delivered, installed and setup at no charge. For offices, AfghaNet provides dedicated 1:1 internet connections. For residential hotspots, AHG manages bandwidth to maximize speed and minimize latency. AfghaNet is exponentially faster, cheaper and more reliable than 3G internet. Stop paying per MB downloaded and start enjoying the freedom of unlimited data.


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