Qualitative & Quantitative Design

AHG’s Research Services division has valuable experience in research design for a diverse range of research including literature/desk review, sample frames, and instrument development. Based on the information and knowledge needs of clients, both qualitative and quantitative designs and strategies will be designed.

Service Description

Based on sound theories and practical realities of clients, AHG will manage an interactive process of research design with different stakeholders. The process will be guided by state-of-the-art practices and the available technologies including geospatial sampling and smart phone data collection applications. The following steps will be taken to ensure a sound and feasible research design is accomplished.

  • Identify the information needs and research questions of clients
  • Conduct and draft a literature desk review
  • Analyze financial and non-financial resources
  • Finalize the research questions
  • Draft quantitative and/or qualitative research methods
  • Develop sampling strategy and sample size and confidence level
  • Develop tools and instruments
  • Pilot instruments
  • Refine and finalize instruments
  • Develop a report on research methodology

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