Payroll Services

Payroll Services

Afghanistan Holding Group offer both basic and comprehensive payroll administration with options of local national vetting, timesheet and leave management, performance management, expense reimbursements, tax calculations, salary disbursements, paystub distribution and more. Our payroll services are designed for international and national organizations that are going to retain the benefits of outsourcing payroll, as well as gain access to a sophisticated HR software solution to help manage an expanding workforce. AHG maintains over a dozen corresponding bank accounts for rapid pay distribution. AHG combines a powerful yet intuitive web-based human resource administration interface with the convenience of managed payroll services.

Afghanistan Holding Group has been providing world class payroll services in Afghanistan since 2009, serving both Afghan and international organizations. Our payroll services are customized to fit our client’s needs. We have services small, medium and large organization, ranging in scope from one employee to thousands of employees. AHG’s payroll solutions work to systematize our client’s payroll processes. We offer payroll solutions with flexibility in currency, allowing us to process payroll in Afghani, US Dollar, GB Pound and Euro. Our dedicated team of experts work tirelessly to ensure the timely and accurate filing of your payroll taxes, in accordance with internationally recognized best practices. Each year, AHG processes over $16 million worth of payrolls for over a dozens clients, remitting and filing over $2 million in wage withholding taxes for these entities.

Services Offered

1. Payroll processing and administration with direct deposit
2. Paperless payroll option, including e-pay stubs for employees
3. Payroll and billing reports available online each pay period
4. Electronic pay stub form preparation and delivery
5. Payroll and employment tax advice and structuring
6. Electronic tracking and processing of taxation by our renowned team of qualified accountants
7. Process withholding of taxes, remittance to the MOF on a monthly basis
8. Process filing of taxes, verification at the MOF on a monthly basis
9. Simplified payroll submittal through Afghanistan Holding Group secure portal
10. Gain valuable insight with detailed payroll reports
11. Access multiple reports to gain important insight into your HR, payroll and benefits.
12. Manage comprehensive HR data on each employee, searchable
13. A qualified representatives are trained in all areas of human resources, including payroll, payroll tax, wages and employee benefits

On-Demand Payroll and HR software features

1. Reliable
2. Hosted on secured and fast cloud servers
3. Unlimited bandwidth
4. Elastic and scalable
5. Data storage space grows as your employee base grows
6. Economical
7. Predictable monthly cost
8. No extra transaction fees or per-event fees
9. No additional hardware or software to buy
10. Convenient
11. Accessible 24×7 from anywhere
12. Requires only an Internet connection and a PC browser (no software to load)
13. Use immediately upon setting up account
14. Developed with a highly secured web programming language
15. Hosted on secured server
16. Secured with SSL certification
17. Intuitive
18. Designed as a web-based application (not “fitted” to the web like many payroll web solutions)
19. Browser-based so users already familiar with navigation environment

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