Financial Services

Afghanistan Financial Services

The Afghanistan Financial Services (AFS) division of AHG offers comprehensive financial solutions, focused on the following three areas:

Taxation Services

Our core service is taxation support with the Ministry of Finance. There are five main tax areas in Afghanistan: rental withholding, wage withholding, contractor withholding, business receipts tax and annual income tax.

Accounting Services

AFS services include ensuring mandatory monthly, quarterly and annual filings are submitted correctly and on time. From obtaining tax exemption confirmations to remitting tax liabilities, we ensure compliance with the laws of Afghanistan. We advise clients ranging from individuals to large corporations.

Our technical expertise comes from years of experience in both the Afghan market and internationally. The financial systems we develop are international standard enterprise financial products tailored to the local Afghan market. We implement state-of-the-art financial management technology for our clients. For large corporations or enterprises, we recommend a customized version of OpenERP. For smaller organizations, we recommend implementing Intuit QuickBooks to instantly create invoices, track payments, and manage expenses. We are a registered Intuit QuickBooks ProAdvisor; the only provider of OpenERP in Afghanistan (through our partner NetLinks); a registered SAP provider in Afghanistan, and Microsoft Certified.
By integrating cutting edge technologies, AFS can simplify, streamline and secure your accounting work in Afghanistan.

Auditing Services

Financial audits that meet international standards is a recognized way to ensure an organization’s finances are in order. However, a very small number of organizations in Afghanistan can confidently say their financial records are in compliance with international accounting standards. AFS provides the highest quality, and most comprehensive, financial auditing services in Afghanistan, based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and Afghan Law. Our auditing service includes both a financial standing report and a detailed recommendations section on how to improve your organization’s financial systems. If the client desires, our expert team can also setup a fully compliant financial management system as a result of the audit.


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