Visas & Work Permits

Visas & Work Permits


Afghanistan Compliance Services is pleased to provide immigration assistance for companies operating in Afghanistan. Due to the recently signed Bilateral Security Agreement (BSA) and NATO Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA), new regulations are in place for contractors working under either of these two international agreements. ACS has established efficient processes to obtain visas under the BSA/SOFA, as well as under the old process, which still applies to companies not operating under the BSA/SOFA.

For BSA/SOFA-related visas, a work permit is no longer required. ACS can provide secure courier services to pick up and deliver passports in Afghanistan. Further, we will handle the invoicing process, allowing our client to provide one payment in the method they prefer merely.

For non-BSA/SOFA visas, a work permit is still required. ACS will assist in obtaining an invitation letter, single-entry visa, work permit and then will assist in converting the single-entry visa to a multiple-entry visa. Due to our lengthy background working with the Afghan government, we have established an efficient procedure. Our clients benefit from our established procedures and are assured of a quick and efficient procurement process.
Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding the visa and work permit process in Afghanistan.


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