AHG provides large enterprises and corporations with turnkey solutions for all aspects of business development, operationalization and management. Our four divisions provide a comprehensive approach to supporting your business to grow profitably. We can support you by looking after your human resource development (finding and hiring), facilitating a strategic workshop for your Board, researching market gaps and designing innovative solutions to fill them. Also, providing sound policy advice, training your staff in financial and project management skills, and ensuring you have access to the ablest, up-to-date, Afghanistan-specific business management information including registration, insurance and financial advice.

Both the Government of Afghanistan and the international community are keen to attract investment in Afghanistan – to create employment, growth and sustainability. AHG has helped more than 40 organizations set up their fiduciary and financial arrangements in Afghanistan, including various aspects of registration, licenses, taxes, insurance, accounting systems, audit controls and banking relationships.

Our AFS division specializes in ensuring adherence to local as well as international financial regulations that may be required by donors such as USAID, DFID, CIDA, GIZ, the World Bank and others.


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