Shariah Compliant Products for SME Access to Finance

In partnership with Amanie Advisors, Afghanistan Holding Group is working on creating new banking regulation to meet the banking needs of SMEs in Afghanistan. The Consortium intends to expanding the role of SMEs within Afghanistan and setting-up an Islamic Banking framework within the country that allows for greater levels of financial intermediation utilizing Shariah-compliant banking and credit methods. After presenting practical and reasoned guidelines for the implementation of Islamic Banking at the government and regulatory level, the consortium will provide client with product specific programs and services which include standard operating procedures, as well as the vetting through relevant legal documentation. The Consortium intends to develop a long-lasting relationship with the Client as it has done time and again with other institutions across the globe.

In partnership with Amanie Advisors, AHG is working on developing a Toolkit. The essential component of this assignment is the development of the Shariah compliant SME Toolkit.  Thus, the research, development, and implementation of the right SME Toolkit is heavily dependent on the creation of the SME Shariah Framework.  The Toolkit must be based on an intimate knowledge of the regulations, manuals, guidelines and procedures that are to be developed for the overall SME Shariah framework.  Our approach to the development of the toolkit is to customize an easy to use toolkit with International Standards.  The Consortium will build a toolkit with relevant tools for the “Access to Finance” and ensure that it is Shariah compliant and is translated into Dari and Pashto.

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