Cross-Border Trade with Uzbekistan

Afghanistan Holding Group’s ARS division has conducted an analysis of Cross-Border Trade with Uzbekistan through Hairatan Port. The purpose of this analysis was to collect facts, figures, and information about trade exchange between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan through the Hairatan Port, and analyze the bottlenecks and challenges on cross-border trade. We interviewed 10 traders from Balkh province, the Director of the Hairatan Port, and had an open discussion in a workshop with eight officials from the Balkh Chamber of Commerce. We also collected figures on imports and exports through northern ports of Aqina, Sher Khan, and Hairatan from the Ministry of Finance’s Custom Department. We compared data from three years to demonstrate the trend of trade volume between the three northern ports. The analysis serves as a working document for a joined meeting between Balkh Chambers of Commerce and Surkhandarya Chamber of Commerce.

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