Afghan Beneficiary Survey

Afghanistan Holding Group’s ARS team successfully conducted a mobile survey of project beneficiaries in Afghanistan for the World Bank January – March 2012 for USD $30,000. The survey involved a three- phased approach, including: (1) the use of a basic mobile short message service (SMS) Survey; (2) a voice-based follow-on survey with respondents; and (3) data entry. IEG worked with the survey firm to design a survey instrument. The survey firm then used a radio-based crowd-sourcing technique integrated into a remote assessment approach. Radio programming was utilized as a mechanism for advertising the initial assessment in one Pashtun (Nangarhar) and one non-Pashtun (Bagdhis and Herat) region. This involved making arrangements with local radio stations to run advertisements. The approach sought to source respondents who sent SMS responses to a radio-based advertisement aired in both regions. A voice-based follow-on survey using a survey instrument was conducted by calling respondents who opted in to the assessment through the radio- based advertisement. The firm was responsible for (1) translating the survey instrument into Dari and Pashtu; and (2) making arrangements for the follow- on survey. The target number of respondents was 600, 300 from each region. Respondents, listening to the radio, self-selected to participate.

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