Motivating People

Course Outline The motivating people course includes topics such as:

  • What is motivation?
  • Theories of behavior
  • Make the work more interesting to the staff.
  • Role of the manager


Learning outcome/results
  • Define work motives from a management perspective
  • name the factors that can influence the behavior of the people they work with
  • describe job enrichment principles
  • describe the manager’s role in motivating their employees
  • Apply job enrichment techniques to motivate their employees


Methodology The course uses a problem-based methodology in order to engage participants actively in the learning process. During the course, the trainer will act as a facilitator, using interactive learning methods to help participants to share their experiences and learn through participation in activities such as group discussions, case studies, role-playing, and games.Our training design and delivery is based on the Kolb learning model. This model accommodates all type of learners and responds to questions “why”, “what”, “how”, and “what if”. Once participants are trained, they take home a complete set of skills. AHG will utilize the GLOSS, EASE, FEED, and OFF training delivery formulas. GLOSS focuses on motivating and stimulating learners; EASES on explanation, activities, and demonstration; FEED on providing feedback to learners; and OFF on evaluating the learning objectives, connecting learners to future trainings, and formally closing the training session.


Trainer’s Bio Ms. Palwasha Mirbacha has more than 12 years experience. She has achieved her bachelor degree in economics from Boston University USA, and master degree from Barcelona school of economics in Spain. Her core competencies are macro-economics, management, professional development and project development.


language The content of the course will be both in English, Dari and Pashto
Course Duration 2 days (14 hours)
Course Fee 150 USD per participant
Certificate A certificate of attendance will be awarded by ACE/AHG
Registration Deadline Jun 20, 2014
Training Date Jul 5 – 6, 2015

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