Afghanistan Legal Services is a separately registered independent private law firm. ALS provides commercial legal support to the private sector, including commercial contracting, taxation, banking, employment, intellectual property, arbitration, product liability and corporate restructuring. We also provide high-level legal assistance and advice for rule of law projects and human rights cases.

Payroll Services

As firms evolve and become more complex, they require assistance with managing their human resources.

Audit Services

Our priority is optimising the benefits of audit for our clients. We provide opinions in accordance with national statutory requirements and in compliance with all relevant national and international regulations and standards.

Taxation Services

Our core service is taxation support with the Ministry of Finance. There are five main tax types in Afghanistan—rental withholding, wage withholding, contractor withholding, business receipts tax and annual income tax. Our services include ensuring mandatory monthly, quarterly and annual filings are submitted correctly and on time. From obtaining tax exemption confirmations to remitting tax liabilities, we ensure compliance with the laws of Afghanistan.

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