ZINZIR is an AHG venture that primarily focuses on blockchain technologies and mobile applications development. Zamanat is the first product under this venture that is built based on the blockchain technology.


AHG is a Cisco® Select Certified Partner. The Select Certification recognizes Cisco® resale channel partners that focus on meeting the technology and services needs of SME businesses.


Hesab is Afghanistan’s first online payment solution that allows customers manage electronic money transactions. It allows individuals to transfer money to any other individual, pay bills, pay businesses and shops, and pay the government.

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Program Management

Success in the business world depends on effectively implementing an idea rather than conceiving it. Program management is therefore, a key component towards success. This is where AHG’s turnkey program management services adds considerable value.

Islamic Banking/Finance

AHG in partnership with Amanie Advisors is uniquely qualified to structure, endorse and in many cases offer marketing assistance to qualified institutional investors for financial intermediaries with an interest in Islamic Finance. The group has a deep understanding and vast experience in designing Shariah-compliant financial products including sukuk, investment funds, structured products, and liquidity instruments.

Cross-Border Trade with Uzbekistan

Afghanistan Holding Group’s ARS division has conducted an analysis of Cross-Border Trade with Uzbekistan through Hairatan Port. The purpose of this analysis was to collect facts, figures, and information about trade exchange between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

Afghan Beneficiary Survey

AHG successfully conducted a mobile survey of project beneficiaries in Afghanistan for the World Bank. The survey involved a three- phased approach to ensure the highest quality data.

Capital Markets

AHG is a pioneer in the financial services sector in Afghanistan. Our products are designed to enable local and foreign companies to manage their risk and to gain access to global and domestic.

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