The Afghanistan Customs & Revenue Department (CRD) has two parts – Afghanistan Customs Department (ACD) overseas import/export duties while the Afghanistan Revenue Department (ARD) oversees with taxation. Forms are guides related to customs processing are included here for reference.

Tax Forms and Guides

Our core service is taxation support with the Ministry of Finance. There are five main tax areas in Afghanistan - rental withholding, wage withholding, contractor withholding, business receipts tax and annual income tax.

Calendar Converter

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan uses the Afghan calendar, not the Gregorian calendar. You may easily convert dates between the two calendars by utilizing this tool.

Afghani Exchange Rates

The Afghan Government only accepts tax payment Afghani currency. The below is a list of the average Gregorian monthly buying exchange rates, used to covert U.S. Dollars into Afghani at a rate of $1 = x Afghani.

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