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Financial Services

AHG offers comprehensive financial management solutions in Afghanistan, including taxation services, payroll administration, financial internal and external audits, systems development, and embedded accounts.

Research Services

A vibrant, self-reliant, and socially responsive business sector in Afghanistan requires sound, evidence-based decision-making. AHG uses a holistic approach that combines trained local staff and cutting edge technology to ensure accurate, timely and reliable data.

Capital Markets

AHG is a pioneer in the financial services sector in Afghanistan. Our products are designed to enable local and foreign companies to manage their risk and to gain access to global and domestic.

Legal Services

Afghanistan Legal Services is a separately registered independent private law firm. ALS provides commercial legal support to the private sector, including commercial contracting, taxation, banking, employment, intellectual property, arbitration, product liability and corporate restructuring. We also provide high-level legal assistance and advice for rule of law projects and human rights cases.

Afghani Exchange Rates

The Afghan Government only accepts tax payment Afghani currency. The below is a list of the average Gregorian monthly buying exchange rates, used to covert U.S. Dollars into Afghani at a rate of $1 = x Afghani.

Calendar Converter

The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan uses the Afghan calendar, not the Gregorian calendar. You may easily convert dates between the two calendars by utilizing this tool.

Payroll Services

Afghanistan Financial Services provides both outsourced as well as embedded accounting services for immediate professional service supported by our large team of ACCA qualified accountants.

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