Afghanistan Legal Services is a separately registered independent private law firm. ALS provides commercial legal support to the private sector, including commercial contracting, taxation, banking, employment, intellectual property, arbitration, product liability and corporate restructuring. We also provide high-level legal assistance and advice for rule of law projects and human rights cases.

Research Services

Design & Data Collection
Qualitative & Quantitative Analysis
Monitoring & Progress Reporting
Assessment & Evaluation
Afghanistan Research Services provides a holistic approach to research and project monitoring. ARS combines trained local staff and cutting edge technology to ensure accurate, timely, and reliable data collection and analysis across all 34 provinces of Afghanistan. Our research team is composed of top Afghan and international experts with in-depth monitoring and evaluation knowledge, and a keen understanding of, and experience with, Afghanistan's specific challenges.


Afghanistan Technology Services (ATS), a division of AHG has been developing affordable, intuitive, adaptable, and easy-to-use management software programs tailored specifically to match the needs of all size organizations. Since 2009, AHG has delivered innovative software applications, with an extensive experience in designing and executing Management Information System (MIS) solutions. Our experience of developing and implementing technology for Enterprise Resource Planning and E-recruit Management system, consultancy and training services, has helped us develop technological solutions that answer challenges faced in Afghanistan.

Financial Services

Afghanistan Financial Services provides premier taxation, accounting and auditing services in Afghanistan. Taxation services include monthly, quarterly and annual filings, as well as tax audit and enforcement representation. Accounting services include payroll administration, financial management systems installation, setup, maintenance and support. Auditing services include internal and external financial reviews and audits, due diligence and forensic audits.

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